Faith, for me, is about simple trust with no concern for proof. When faith is applied to a belief in God, I frequently experience events and emotions that reinforce my belief. My faith is nurtured in  community as it is cultivated by fellow adventurers and because of that becomes the rock on which I lean when the going gets tough. Amid the trials and tribulations of life faith sustains me and enables me to keep going.

Faith is essentially the choices I make, a willingness to believe that something is true, and to act on that belief. To say one has a private faith is to deny the fact that at some stage someone introduced me to a life of faith – someone made it public. Words like trust, hope, love and obedience, combine as   woven threads that makes the fabric of my faith stronger. My involvement in a church or worshipping community provides encouragement for me to practice my faith – to live out my faith – not just on Sundays, but also during the week as words become associated with deeds, not for self but for others. It is within the Christian community that I am  nourished – and, I hope , flourish.

One of the exciting things about my life of faith is that it is always exploring, expanding, delving deeper, and discovering. Never can I say I have “arrived” and got everything sorted and understood. There are always fresh secrets of faith to unfold in my life. In that sense, I am very much a work in progress. I need to be honest and admit that there are times when my faith oscillates and I am required to dig deep into the wells of wisdom to keep myself afloat. To date, in such times, my faith has never let me down.

The Book of Hebrews defines faith as “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (11:1 Hence some would say that faith is not something visible or tangible. It can mean different things to different people. Faith, for me is, among other things, belief in the Bible, which Christians believe is God’s Word to humankind. It is unreserved confidence in God; God’s love for me and God’s power to help me in whatever comes my way in life.

Faith involves a choice. It is faith in a Person that saves a believing soul, not faith in a particular philosophy or a code of rules.   For me personally, faith is a precious possession. The result of a living faith is both visible and tangible! The disciples saw it  and touched it in Jesus, and my calling as a Christian is to come to this same joyful and glorious life – by faith.

Well, what does faith mean to you?













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