Dear First Church Folk,
Loving relationships are important to us. Whether within a family, amongst friends, or in a community, our connection with significant others assures us that we belong together. As we move closer to the season of Pentecost, we are reminded not only of the power of the Holy Spirit, but also of the intra-connectedness of the Trinity. The Trinitarian persons are not isolated and independent selves but have their personal identity in relationship.
To confess that God is triune is to affirm that God exists in community. Since God is love (1 Jn. 4:8), the relationship of Father, Son, and Spirit is grounded in love. Theologian, Daniel Migliore, expresses that the triune God is essentially a communion of persons in love, whereby God is “self-expending, other-affirming, community-building love.”

We are people of the God of community and, as such, being a loving community is also God’s will for people. We are social beings and we find our sense of identity through the relationships we have with others in our family, circle of friends, work places, congregation or wider community groups. These meaningful, respectful, and close relationships affirm that we belong together in those contexts. Read the rest of this entry »

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